India's Top 5 Job Boards - Guide for Job Seekers

India's Top 5 Job Boards - Guide for Job Seekers
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Want to find job vacancies in India but not sure where to begin? These are the best online job boards in the country. - India's second largest job site

  • Launched in 2008
  • 3.4 crore users
  • 3 lakh job vacancies
  • Mobile app available on Android and iOS

Founded in 2008, is a prominent Indian job portal known for its data-driven approach to job listings and hiring. They offer valuable resources and informative blogs for job seekers. Topics include career guidance, interview tips, and industry news to help you stay up-to-date.

In addition to their standard offerings, also provide a range of premium services to further aid job seekers. These include resume and cover letter writing, customised job alerts from leading portals, and a profile booster service that enhances the visibility of your profile to potential employers.

For employers, provides curated assistance, catering to startups, SMEs, and corporates. Leveraging its extensive media partnerships, has become a significant player in the Indian job market.

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Indeed - World's largest job board

  • Launched in 2004
  • World's largest job site
  • Available in 60 countries and 28 languages
  • Mobile app on Android and iOS
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Indeed, the world's largest job board, has a significant presence in the Indian market.

By aggregating job postings from other job boards, company career sites, and recruitment agencies, Indeed often provides the most extensive selection of job vacancies for various careers.

With 10 jobs added every second, its powerful search tools enable you to find the most relevant roles. Like, you can set up job alerts for daily/weekly emails with personalised job vacancies.

Explore Indeed India here.

Top interview questions and answers | Indeed India - India's oldest job site

  • India's oldest job site
  • 5 lakh jobs for you to explore
  • 1 crore users
  • Mobile app available on Android and iOS

Established in 1987, is the oldest job site in India and one of the most renowned. They assist millions of Indians in finding jobs through a combination of comprehensive job listings and powerful search filters.

Their site also contains a wealth of resources for your job search including career guidance, top companies who are hiring, and interview questions.

With a vast professional database, simplifies recruitment for employers filling multiple positions. Its Hiring Suite offers end-to-end recruitment solutions for candidates ranging from campus hires to senior-level professionals.

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Foundit - Formerly known as Monster India


  • Launched in 2010
  • 5 lakh job openings
  • Formerly known as Monster India
  • Mobile app available on Android and iOS
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Launched in 2010 as Monster India, Foundit is a popular job portal for job seekers and recruiters in India. The platform offers relevant job vacancies through search filters and allows you to apply directly.

You can also access premium services such as resume writing, profile highlighting, and career advice to enhance your job search.

Similar to Naukri, Foundit provides paid services to employers, including data purchasing and hiring assistance.

I Fountit

LinkedIn - World's largest professional network

  • Launched in 2003
  • 90 crore registered members from over 200 countries
  • 5.4 crore companies on the platform
  • Mobile app available on Android and iOS
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LinkedIn, the world's largest professional social network, boasts 900 million members and 54 million companies, making it one of the largest job boards for the Indian market as well.

Job adverts on LinkedIn offer more comprehensive information than other platforms, allowing users to see company size, connections within the company, and how their skills align with the job description. LinkedIn's job search features powerful filters such as location, experience level, work type, and remote work options, among others.

CV Engineer suggests starting with a broad search and gradually refining results using filters to find an exciting list of job opportunities in India.

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Is using job sites free?

Yes, all five job boards mentioned are free to use, allowing you to search and apply for vacancies at no cost.

Some of the sites offer optional paid services to access additional features. An example would be's resume writing service.

Do I need an updated CV for applications?

Generally, yes. While some LinkedIn roles allow applications using your profile, most job adverts on LinkedIn and other platforms require a CV for applications.

How can I know if employers have reviewed my application?

Unfortunately, there is no way to know if employers have reviewed your application. You must wait for them to contact you.

Can I apply for a job without the required experience?

Job postings are often idealisations, not strict requirements. Employers know finding a perfect candidate is rare. However, don't apply for positions significantly beyond your experience. If you have some qualifications and believe you'll excel, apply. Your unique skills may enable rapid learning. Customize your resume to emphasize relevant experience and eagerness. Meeting even 75% of the requirements might make you the best candidate.

Is it advisable to follow up after an interview?

Following up can enhance your chances by making you memorable. Send a thank-you email within 24 hours, referencing an interview topic. If you don't hear back after weeks, send a check-in email or connect on social media, showcasing your continued interest without being intrusive.

Is a cover letter necessary?

Cover letters play a vital role in introducing yourself, highlighting unique attributes, and addressing potential concerns. Always include one with your application, unless the job posting states otherwise or the online submission doesn't provide a cover letter field.

Final thoughts

Different job boards cater better to specific professions, so some exploration is needed to find the best one for your job search.

We recommend using multiple job boards to broaden your options. Most sites provide job alerts, sending you email or push notifications when new positions matching your criteria become available.

If you need to create a CV, consider using CV Engineer's resume builder app.